The overarching goal of the Data Management and Statistics Core (DMSC) within the UCI ADRC is to provide logistical and intellectual support to all ADRC investigators at all phases of scientific projects. As such, the mission of the DMSC faculty and staff is to be intimately involved in the conception, design, implementation, analysis, and reporting of research conducted by members of the ADRC. Strong statistical design, clean and organized data, and efficient data analyses are crucial components to achieving the scientific goals set forth by the UCI ADRC. With this in mind the DMSC emphasizes regular communication with ADRC investigators and proactive involvement in ADRC-sponsored projects. While a large portion of effort from DMSC faculty is devoted to providing collaboration and service to ADRC investigators, the DMSC also emphasizes and encourages the development of independent research programs among it’s faculty and staff. These research projects include the development and validation of novel data collection mechanisms and the development of new statistical methodology motivated by scientific questions arising from the ADRC.

DMSC faculty and staff

Director :                            Daniel L. Gillen, PhD

Senior Statistician :          Michael Phelan, PhD

Database Manager :         Dan K. Hoang, BS

Statistician :                       Steven Kim, MS

Programmer Analysts :    Nadim Madi, BS and Ying Liu, MS